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Hindustan Times is an Indian English-language daily newspaper. It is owned by Shobhana Bhartia and published by HT Media. It reports national and international news with a left-leaning bias. The paper is based in Delhi. It offers great deals on digital subscriptions. It also provides the latest sporting updates.

Reports national and international  

The Hindustan Times (HT) is a broadsheet newspaper that provides a mix of local and international news. It is a member of the KK Birla group, which owns 69 percent of its stock. Despite its conservative leanings, it doesn’t skew too much towards the left. It also has a relatively low coverage score.

The Hindustan Times is a good source of information on national and international news. The site uses a variety of credible sources for its coverage. However, its headlines are full of emotion-laden language. In addition, there is little hyperlinked sourcing available.

Corresponding website

The site also has a corresponding website, which rates nearly 600 media outlets from the aforementioned group. The site combines a multi-partisan analysis with blind surveys to produce its rankings. The site rates the media on a number of metrics including content, writer’s reputation and a surprisingly large number of user ratings.

The website is well worth the visit. The aforementioned website, which is an affiliate of the HT, does not have a blog but instead publishes articles that are compiled from news outlets all over the globe.

Digital subscriptions

Hindustan Times is a well-known newspaper in India. It offers comprehensive coverage of national and international news as well as sports news. The newspaper is a leading source of authentic news, information, and analysis. HT Media, which owns Hindustan Times, is a subsidiary of the Birla family.

It is one of the largest English-language daily newspapers in the country. Its circulation is more than 933,000 copies. The newspaper is published in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Lucknow. In addition to the newspaper, HT Media operates several other brands. These include Desimartini, Fever 104 FM, and Mint.

Hindustan Times offers many subscription options. There are monthly plans, quarterly plans, and yearly plans. You can save on these plans by using coupons. The Hindustan Times also offers a free trial period. It is possible to cancel your subscription after 15 days.

To subscribe to Hindustan Times, you can go through their website or download their mobile app. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a notification on your device. You’ll then be able to access your e-paper on any device.

Promotes misinformation

Hindustantimes is the second largest English newspaper in India after The Times of India. It covers local, national and international news. It has simultaneous editions in New Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow. As of November 2017, its circulation stood at 993,645 copies.

The paper is owned by the KK Birla group. It is a broadsheet format newspaper with a pro-Congress editorial tone. It has a large readership in North India, including Ranchi, Chandigarh, and Mumbai.


However, its publication is prone to misinformation. It is one of the most partisan newspapers in the country. It aligns with the liberal opposition party, the Congress Party.

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