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Although it may be tempting to use PDFs to create web documents, there are several disadvantages to the format. These include the fact that PDFs are static, not easily editable, and are not as user-friendly as Word documents. They also do not support multimedia or text-to-speech. Besides, you cannot easily share a PDF file.

Despite these disadvantages, PDF remains the number one document format in use today. While PDF is widely used on the web, the quality of the file is generally much lower than that of a graphic file. This makes it necessary to use external tools to increase the image resolution when creating a PDF. The format is also a good choice for printing, although image resolution is generally lower than that of a graphic file.

PDF is a file format designed by Adobe Systems and Microsoft. It is widely used for displaying ‘Read-Only’ documents and is compatible with most computers and mobile devices. Unlike DOC files, which require a special application to view the file, PDF files do not require a PDF viewer.

Another disadvantage of PDFs is that they can be difficult to edit unless you have the right tools. Using a PDF editor or converter can make this process a lot easier. Moreover, PDF files are fixed in size, which makes them difficult to read on computer screens. They also do not allow collaborative editing.

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