Custom stickers and labels: the 6 differences between good and bad quality

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to finding the best printing company for your needs. But sometimes, it can be helpful to start with the basics. Here are six ways you can spot the differences between good and bad quality custom stickers and labels.

1. Look at the edges of the sticker – are they smooth and without any bumps or wrinkles?

When it comes to custom stickers and labels, having smooth edges is key. If the edges are bumpy or wrinkled, it can make the entire sticker look unprofessional and sloppy. In order to avoid this, make sure to choose a printing company that takes care in their production process and pays attention to the smallest details.

2. Is the ink consistent and without any streaks or blotches?

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the ink. If there are any streaks or blotches, it will be very noticeable and will ruin the overall appearance of the custom labels or stickers. Make sure to ask the printing company about their printing process and see if they use high-quality ink that will result in a clear, consistent image.

3. Are the colors bright and true to their original hue, or do they look faded or dulled down?

The colors on your sticker or label can make or break your stickers or labels. High-quality colors should be bright and true to their original hue, not faded or dulled down. If you’re not happy with the colors your printer has suggested, be sure to ask them if they can offer any other options.

4. Is the adhesive strong and sticky, or does it start peeling off after a few days?

Of course, you need your stickers or labels to stick. It should be strong and sticky so that it doesn’t peel off after just a few days. And if you are looking for waterproof stickers, you need your adhesive to be weather-resistant too. Make sure to ask your printer about their adhesive options and see which one would be best for your needs.

5. Take a close look at the text – is it legible and correctly spelled, or are there mistakes that need to be corrected?

No matter if you are after product labels or logo stickers, great sticker printing quality shows. Even tiny text should be legible and printed crisply for your customers to read. Some sticker printers have a so-called minimum height requirement for text. But the better the printer, the smaller the text can be.

6. Compare prices between different sellers – is one offering a significantly lower price than all the others?

Finally, always compare prices between different sellers before making a purchase. One may be offering a significantly lower price than all of the others, which could mean that they’re using lower-quality materials or cutting corners in their production process. Make sure to check the reviews of the company before deciding which one to go with.

By following these six tips, you can easily spot the differences between good and bad quality custom stickers and labels. Taking the time to find a reputable printing company is worth it – after all, their work will reflect your own business’s reputation!

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