HealthTap – Role in Improving Mental Health

HealthTap provides an accessible and cost-effective way to access telehealth services. It has access to a vast network of doctors who can answer questions and offer treatment when necessary. With no appointment needed, HealthTap has become a go-to resource for millions seeking trusted health information and care.

It also features a library of questions answered by doctors and an AI-based symptom checker. Furthermore, it is HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 Type II certified for security purposes.

It’s HIPAA-compliant

Technology has played a significant role in improving mental health by providing remote patient monitoring and increased access to care. From rotary phones to emails and text messaging, modern technology has allowed mental healthcare providers to provide quality service for their clients.

However, using technology to its full extent may also present risks for mental health professionals. No matter which tool they select, practitioners must ensure they are adhering to all necessary protocols and taking steps to protect client data.

The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a regulatory body in the United States that sets standards for the use, storage, and transfer of sensitive patient information. This includes implementing data security measures such as encryption and secure socket layer (SSL) certificates. There are other regulations which could be added on top such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). To guarantee your app meets compliance with HIPAA requirements, hire an experienced team for assistance.

It’s convenient

HealthTap has empowered millions of people around the world with access to reliable health information and real-time connections with physicians. Their app offers a library of questions from real users as well as an AI-powered symptom checker to help users diagnose what’s wrong with their bodies so that they can receive timely medical assistance.

The company claims to have a network of over 90,000 doctors from 147 specialties who volunteer their services to answer member queries and issue prescriptions at their preferred pharmacies. All doctors who join this community are licensed and go through an extensive verification process to guarantee their knowledge and dependability.

The company provides services to employers, large health systems, insurance companies and consumers through its mobile and desktop apps as well as doctor-trained artificial intelligence system that personalizes care.

It’s affordable

HealthTap provides both urgent care and primary healthcare at a fraction of the cost of an in-person visit. Their services are accessible to people with or without insurance, and their quick wait times make connecting with doctors anytime day or night easy.

Therefore, many consumers are turning to HealthTap instead of traditional doctor’s offices for their healthcare needs. According to the company, they claim users can save up to 80% on healthcare expenses – helping families get the treatment they require when they need it most.

A former Stanford graduate student, saw the need for improved wellness programs in healthcare. His mission was to boost patient engagement and enhance medical outcomes while simultaneously decreasing costs and expanding access to care.

Easy to use

HealthTap is a free platform where users can consult doctors about their symptoms, concerns and daily health tips. It also provides various other services like doctor-ordered prescriptions and lab tests.

The symptom checker at is an AI-powered tool that draws from over 1 billion doctor-answered questions to provide the most accurate explanation for your condition or concern. Plus, it assists you in finding the ideal doctor to meet your individual needs.


The service has a rigorous on boarding process for doctors that includes being licensed in the United States, in good standing with no disciplinary actions against them, board-certified and possessing a medical license.

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