How long may an employee in Virginia collect workers’ comp benefits?

In Virginia, workers’ compensation benefits can only be paid out for a maximum of 500 weeks each year. In the event of a catastrophic accident, such as a spinal cord or brain injury or the loss of multiple limbs, the restriction may be raised.

Talk with a Virginia Beach back injury lawyer to learn about all the benefits you may be eligible for following an injury sustained on the job.

The duration of workers’ compensation payments in Virginia is based on the following factors:

  • You will continue to receive the gap between your pre-injury salary and your current earning capacity while on temporary partial disability until your treating physician releases you to full duty.
  • If you are receiving temporary total disability benefits, those payments will continue until your treating physician discharges you to full duty.
  • Disability that will never fully go away – When you have reached your maximal medical improvement, your treating physician will issue you an impairment rating that will determine how long you will receive permanent partial disability benefits.

If your work injury leaves you permanently unable to utilise any part of your body, you are entitled to permanent total disability compensation for the set period of time specified in the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. The following are some durations of complete and permanent disability benefits:

  • Rule of thumb: 60 weeks
  • For the Hand – One Hundred and Fifty Weeks
  • It takes 175 weeks to grow a human leg.
  • In the blink of an eye, 100 weeks
  • Pneumoconiosis, third stage, 300 weeks

If an employee suffers a catastrophic injury that results in permanent disability, such as the loss of both hands, feet, legs, arms, or eyes, or if the worker suffers total paralysis, bitsandboxes the benefits will continue for the rest of their lives.

Your workers’ compensation benefits in Virginia might be a real lifesaver if you suffer an injury on the job and need financial support while you recover. Expiring benefits can threaten a person’s ability to support themselves financially. This begs the question, “How long do workers’ compensation payments in Virginia last?” for anyone thinking about filing a claim.

Regrettably, that question defies a straightforward response. Your workers’ compensation benefit period and its monetary value are calculated using a set of complex formulae. Benefits could last a few weeks, months, years, or perhaps the rest of your life, depending on the severity of your injuries. films lifeline hospital

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