Top Five Healthy Foods

Generally speaking, a diet that contains a variety of fruits and vegetables is healthy. This includes leafy greens, nuts, and whole grains. These foods are very easy to incorporate into your diet and are delicious. However, there are some foods that should be avoided, such as snacks, which often contain high amounts of sugar, saturated fat, and carbohydrates. Here are some of the most healthy foods:

Eating at least two or three servings of fish a week is important. This amount is equivalent to three to four ounces of cooked fish. Some fish options are trout, sardines, salmon, and kale. Also, you should include dark-colored vegetables, such as broccoli and carrots, on your plate. Another great source of fiber is soy protein, which can be found in tofu, edamame, and texturized vegetable protein.

Berry products are rich in polyphenols, powerful natural chemicals that help prevent fat formation. In fact, a study from Texas Woman’s University found that feeding mice berries reduced the formation of fat cells by 73%. This type of fat is not harmful to your body, but it is worth noting because it is very high in calories. You can even eat small amounts of oily fish to supplement your diet.

Mushrooms are also a good choice for replacing beef. Although all beans are healthy, garbanzo beans are particularly healthy. Whole Foods 365 makes no-salt garbanzo beans that are available in cartons. Watermelon is another healthy food that contains nearly one third of your daily vitamin A and C. Additionally, it has plenty of potassium and lycopene, and it is often grown locally.

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