What Happens If Something I Rent Gets Stolen?

What happens if something I rent gets stolen? Home Depot will notify the owner of the equipment. It will also place a NER decal on the tool, which will alert a criminal to the equipment’s registration and increase their chances of being caught. The company has been hit by thieves in the past, and will take action if they find out that something they rent is missing.

To protect yourself, you must promptly complete and deliver an incident report. You must also provide copies of all relevant documents. You must cooperate with Home Depot’s investigation of damage, accident, or lawsuit involving equipment rented from the store. This obligation does not create a duty of defense on the part of The Home Depot. If you rent an item and have it stolen, you should contact the store immediately.

Fortunately, Home Depot offers damage-waiver options to renters who aren’t comfortable with the process of signing a damage waiver. In many cases, this waiver is not enough to protect you in a situation where you’ve accidentally damaged or stolen the item. Therefore, you need to read the Terms and Conditions carefully. Even though the Home Depot rental agreement states that it will not be held liable for any damages, theft, or damage caused by misuse.

Lastly, if you purchase an item from Home Depot, you should remember that you’ll have to pay for the shipping cost. Many items at The Home Depot come in heavy boxes with heavy packing material. Any damage to the packaging may make the product difficult to sell. In these cases, The Home Depot will offer you a deep discount. You can save money by taking advantage of a coupon or a sale on an item you’ve seen elsewhere.

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