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What is Home Depot’s Return Policy on Rugs?

If you’ve recently purchased a new rug, you might be wondering: What is Home Depot’s return policy on rugs? Fortunately, this home furnishing retailer has a solid return policy. Most items are covered by a full 180-day money-back guarantee. Some items, however, may be covered for just thirty or ninety days. You can return the item in-store, mail it back, or request home pick-up. You can even return the item without a receipt, and the refund is processed within 10 working days.

Before you send back your item, check the return policy carefully. It may be too late to return the item if you’ve changed your mind, but Home Depot is usually willing to exchange or refund products within 90 days. To receive a refund, be sure to bring your original receipt, a copy of your shipping confirmation email, a valid ID, and the reason you’d like to return the product.

Home Depot’s return policy for rugs is similar to that of other large home improvement stores. It’s generally best to return rugs within 90 days of purchase, and the return policy on flooring is no exception. Remember to include the receipt for all purchases and any damage. You also must be sure to send your return back via UPS or FedEx. The deadline for returning an appliance is the same as for rugs, so be sure to check the return policy before you head to Home Depot.


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