What is the Opposite of Tech Savy?

What is the opposite of tech savvy? You’ve probably heard the term, but have no idea what it means. In the computer age, computers have changed so rapidly that people who don’t keep up will find themselves shut out. Nowadays, teenagers chat on websites in foreign dialects and languages. So, how do you define tech savvy? Read on to learn more. Let’s take a look at some examples.

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Tech-illiterate refers to someone who doesn’t understand computers or IT. The opposite of tech savvy is technophobic, a person who doesn’t understand technology and isn’t computer literate. While it is possible to work with non-tech-savvy people and their problems, you should not make assumptions about their level of understanding. The tech support person should adjust their language to the user’s level of understanding.

Computer-savvy means someone who is open-minded and doesn’t make assumptions about how much they know. These individuals aren’t afraid to learn new concepts. They don’t assume that everyone who uses computers is tech savvy. They demonstrate the value of tech solutions and don’t make assumptions about how well someone understands the concepts. If you’re not tech-savvy, don’t let your boss know you don’t understand the basics of technology.

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