Why is Medical School Harder to Get Into Than Law School?

The statistics show that it is harder to get into medical school. The reason is because medical schools have a limited number of seats in each class. However, since most medical schools accept applicants on a rolling basis, you can apply as early as June. Last-minute applications will most likely have seats filled by the time they are reviewed. This is because more people apply later than they do early, and they will be competing with more applicants for fewer spots.

Because the supply of seats at medical schools is limited, they are more selective. While law schools will happily accept mediocre applicants, medical schools don’t tolerate that. Their curriculum and pre-requisites are tougher. You have to score very well on standardized exams to be accepted into medical school, while in law schools you can get in by doing poorly on admissions tests. If you’re in the top fifteen percent of applicants, you’ll have to work harder than anyone else.

The benefits of medical school are obvious. Once you finish, you’ll be a doctor, regardless of how high your class rank is. However, JD graduates can’t practice without passing the bar exam, which may take half a year or never. And they can’t practice until they can retake it. If you’re unable to pass the bar exam, you’ll need to apply again.

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